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Children in out-of-home care shall have their hair and skin care needs appropriately maintained through the lens of cultural competence. It is our hope that with this manual, you'll be better prepared to

What is a Honey Bee? • Honey bees are not likely to sting when swarming (looking for a new home) • Honey bees are most docile when carrying out their daily chores • Stingers are left in the skin by the bees after an attack and continue to deliver venom

Home Methods of Stain Removal. Revised by Judy L. Price, Cornell Cooperative Extension, Monroe County Acne medications and skin creams-products containing ben- zoyl peroxide such as acne medica- tions, fade or age creams, foot care

It’s More Than Skin Deep: Examining Approaches to Reduce Dangerous Skin Bleaching in Tanzania Kecia L. Ellick, Solette Harris, Will Jones, Kelly M. Lewis, Ph.D