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Head Lice Home Remedies Vinegar has the properties to dissolve the cement that glues head lice eggs to the hair shaft. Can mayonnaise treat head lice? A. Mayonnaise can help you kill adult head lice and nymphs by suffocating them if you make sure to use full-fat

Moving in the hair; irritability and sleeplessness; and sores on the head caused by scratching.3 that home remedies such as mayonnaise or olive oil are effective treatments for head lice.5 MYTH: If a family member has head lice, the entire house should

Lice Prevention and Home Remedies. Although none of us ever wants to think about dealing with lice or treating it, here are some helpful hints/suggestions of home remedies, as well as preventative measures that work.

After the first. In between, comb hair daily with a special nit comb. Combing is the most important weapon you have to get rid of head lice. 7. TRUE OR FALSE: You can use vinegar or mayonnaise as home remedies for treating head in the assorted home remedies touted as head lice