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Hair Care Tips Shampoos Your scalp should dictate what type of shampoo you use. If you have dandruff, you would need something specific to that condition.

hair casts, droplets of hair spray, plugs of desquamated Home remedies and “natural” products1 –Essential oils, plant extracts –Occlusive agents: Mayonnaise, petroleum jelly, tub Mayo Clin Proc. 2004;79(5):661-666.

Myth: Any nits left in the hair can cause lice to come back. Mayo Clin Proc . 2004;79(5):661-666 Clark J. Home remedies to control head lice: assessment of home remedies to control the human head louse, pediculus humanus capitis. J Pediatr Nurs

Clean home and personal items • Check the hair daily for at least 2 weeks after treatment. • Other home remedies include: olive oil, Vaseline, mayo and shower cap to smother lice/eggs; vinegar can be used to loosen nits. Title: