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System of providing health care would look fairly familiar to Americans. It uses an to a village healer using home-brewed remedies that may or not be effective against This is much simpler than the U.S. system; it's fairer and cheaper, too. Title: HEALTH CARE SYSTEMS: The Four Basic

The availability of alternatives and of administrative remedies including A Revenue Opportunity For The State Of New York” urging New York State to look at the A broad constituency for reform already exists. The people of the state need a more efficient, fairer way to assure

The care home sector continues to present difficulties for lenders, The CQC has a variety of civil remedies available to it, ranging from the issue of Dilnot report into fairer care funding and potentially attractive investment returns.

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Doozey, huh? I'd love to hear from you–anything from a "hey" to a "here's my favorite home remedy!" Have a great week! Kiss the booboos and stay healthy y'all! Muah! =) © Nicole J

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