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RemediesAre Home Safe? 2 checkup www.cookchildrens.org that older infants drink no more than 4 to 6 ounces of juice per day. “Heat rash generally appears on the face, neck, chest, groin or back,” said Adrienne Ritter, M.D.,

Possible Lead Containing Home Remedies and Cosmetics Region of origin Name Appearance Use Miscellaneous Given for rash or fever 90% lead. infants Saudi Arabia Al Murrah Colic, stomach aches,

• involves eczematous eruption in infants • is accompanied by intense itching that can Place clothing and linens in a dryer on high heat until dry. Discourage the use of home remedies for lice.

Some medications can increase UV sensitivity Infants Thin skin Unprotected by Home remedies (toothpaste, etc.) Heat Exhaustion area Motorcycle and ATV Burn Safety Avoid contact with hot muffler and engine Wear clothes that protect against road rash Do not smoke while

Disease include exposure to sun and heat, chemicals, plants, insects, moisture, hygiene, and The use of these remedies causes a burning sensation that is believed to be necessary to treat the every day upon returning home from work. On examination, the rash involved both forearms and

remedies can be found in the home cupboard, kitchen pantry, or closet, wait a few minutes for any reaction such as a rash or redness; do not use if a reaction occurs. Heat about two pounds of salt in a pot over medium heat and stir

Below for remedies. Here are a list of popular home remedies: Take a shower in the hottest water you can If heat eases your rash, you can also try a hair dryer, but BE CAREFUL. Don't burn your-self! Jewelweed is widely thought to help the rash. Mash the weed and apply to the rash. Spray with

Possible Lead Containing Home Remedies and Cosmetics Region of origin Name Appearance Use Miscellaneous Mexico Azarcon (rueda, Coral, maria luisa, Alarcon,

Heat rash – Belladonna Heart attack – Aconite Hives – Apis Inflammation, infection – Hep S Itchy rash – Apis Jellyfish stings – Apis Home Remedy Kit 28 remedies Home Remedy Kit 46 remedies Expansion Pack – expand your 28 remedies to 46 Expansion Pack

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