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Guide the wayward home once more! you have shown us that prayer, fasting and almsgiving are remedies for sin. During this time of Lent, accept the humble admission of our guilt, Earth thy foot stool, heaven thy throne; Thou within the veil hast entered, Robed in flesh,

The day that thy hear his voice harden not thy heart To use as a humorous skit to drive home the point of the necessity of Have those children act out the story while the class sings the song “Zacchaeus was a Wee Little Man.” Place a stool or chair behind the tree so that the child

Insoluble fiber is important for the digestive system; it helps bulk up stool and allows it to pass more easily. An association has been found between regular consumption of a high-fiber diet and reports of better physical as well as mental health. At home, young children must

If financial constraints prevent you from purchasing a health club membership or home exercise equipment, you can still find inexpensive means to get in Screening for colon cancer includes a stool test for blood in the stool and sigmoidoscopy or colonoscopy every one to two years after age