Home Remedies Grass Stains

Natural remedies for thousands of years. Mix and use to remove tough stains including grass, urine and pet stains. Spot cleaning • Blood Soak stain in cold water, then rub liquid soap or detergent into it and rinse in cold water. If necessary, apply hydrogen peroxide

Grass Stains: Rub on Karo Syrup Taking the time to use it on stains before they set ensures that they will wash out much easier when you get home. First Aid Remedies ] [ Just Plain Handy Hints | Many Uses of Bounce | Personal Care ] [ Penny Pinching Beauty Secrets & Tips | Wash Day Hints

COMMON HOUSEHOLD ITEMS THAT HAVE MULTIPLE USES turkey baster-can be used to flush out wounds, or as garlic-"wonder herb" of home remedies, antiseptic, stops bleeding (crush & use juice on wound,) It also can be used in your garden to make grass greener/help veggies grow.

Aladdin Professional. However, the following tips and home remedies should help remove most spots and odors. Important Notes: 1. Spills and BE PATIENT. Some stains respond slowly. All spots and stains cannot be removed from every fabric due to differences in fibers, dyes, constructions