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(Fordyce spots) • Tysons’ glands Inflammatory Plaques and Patches Table G3.2: Clinical Pictures 1,2,3,4 (photo’s courtesy of MSHC) • Home remedies • Environmental factors • Triggers for episodes

Thalidomide Fordyce’s Disease (Spots) Ectopically located sebaceous glands Minute orange or yellowish pinhead sized macules in mucosa of lips Tx:

Fordyce spots – benign and common. Petechiae – found on the palate – presents with sore throat, fatigue Common, small dark spots in the center. Virus that can spread. HOME Other titles:

Fordyce spots. Buccal fat pads. Mucobuccal fold. Vestibule. Vestibular fornix. Minor salivary glands. Make necessary suggestions for patient’s home care. Artifacts – RINN bar, spots, marks, lines, etc. interfering with diagnostic information .