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Fordyce Granules A common vermillion boarder and adjacent skin of the lips small, erythematous papules; clusters of fluid filled vesicles or reddish with white spots almost always carcinoma in situ or squamous cell carcinoma (not good)

Thalidomide Fordyce’s Disease (Spots) Aquired Dyskeratotic Leukoplakia 1 patient White plaques on palate, gingiva, lips and genitalia Unique finding of clusters of dyskeratotic cells in the prickle cell layer Laser,

Fissure – chapped lips. Erosion – Ulcer – deeper Fordyce spots – benign and common. Petechiae – found on the palate – presents with sore throat, fatigue (mono?) Leukoplakia – pre-cancerous (cannot be scraped off) HOME Other titles:

Fordyce spots. Buccal fat pads. Mucobuccal fold. Vestibule. Vestibular fornix. Minor salivary glands. Tongue: Limitations of tongue, lips, cheeks. Make necessary suggestions for patient’s home care.