Home Remedies For White Discharge In Women

Tubes of women and the urethra, mouth, throat, and rectum of both men and women. Because the signs of gonorrhea often go unnoticed, an individual can develop serious health • Yellowish-white discharge from the penis

Is why yeast infections are more common in women, Normal vaginal discharge is clear, milky white or yellowish in colour with a musky odour. Sometimes there are no symptoms. Home remedies to treat or prevent vaginal yeast infections

Signs & Symptoms Men Most asymptomatic Some men with transient Dysuria Mild Discharge Women Green frothy discharge Vaginal itching Signs & Symptoms WOMEN Often Mild Dysuria Vaginal discharge Irregular bleeding Dyspaurenia MEN Dysuria White, yellow or green penile discharge

• Abnormal vaginal bleeding or discharge • Burning or pain • Anal discomfort Chlamydia Symptoms for Men: • Watery or thin white discharge from penis • Burning or pain during urination • Anal discomfort TRANSMISSION • Home remedies are not effective • Partners should be