Home Remedies For Sinusitis

Sinusitis can be a constant and aggravating condition, but through the use of home remedies the effects of sinusitis can be reduced to a much more manageable ailment. Sinusitis is basically an inflammation of the sinuses due to infection, allergies or irritants, and can result in considerable pain and a dry hacking cough. Most of the home remedies for sinusitis treat the condition by helping to drain the nasal passages, thereby reducing the pressure that builds and commonly leads to pain. While there are a number of commercially prepared medications to alleviate the symptoms of sinusitis, many of them can cause drowsiness of make nasal passages too dry. For these reasons, in mild to moderate cases of sinusitis many of the home remedies are considered more appropriate to combat the illness.

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One of the oldest and most effective means of applying home remedies to sinusitis is to incorporate the use of steam, inhaled several times daily to congest blocked sinus passages. A bowl of steaming water is placed on a table several inches below the nose, a towel is placed over the individual’s head and the bowl to trap the steam as it rises. The person suffering from sinusitis simply breathes the steam for several minutes, and the moisture loosens and lubricates clogged sinuses to enable relief. This practice in conjunction with a nasal massage immediately following works wonderfully in reducing nasal pressure due to sinusitis. This method can even be utilized at work to some extent, with a cup of hot coffee or tea serving as a source of steam.

Other home remedies for sinusitis include the use of what is commonly referred to as a “sinus bath”. A mixture of several cups of warm water, 1/2 teaspoon of table salt and a dab of baking soda is prepared and then placed into the nose one nostril at a time. After removing the solution, each nostril is then blown to eliminate excess mucous. Cayenne pepper is another good home remedy as it contains Capsaicin, which can act as a decongestant if ingested in moderation for sinusitis.

One of the most important aspect of home remedies to treat sinusitis is to keep nasal passages constantly hydrated to prevent the pain associated with excessive dryness. At home, a simple thing such as keeping a dehumidifier running at night can help tremendously in accomplishing this task. The best manner to use home remedies for sinusitis is to utilize as many differing treatments as is possible, with each contributing to the overall wellness of the individual.