Home Remedies For Killing Trees

Melons. Page 1 Home Remedies for Insect and Disease Control on Plants oo Suggested Alternatives to Pesticide Usage oo Home-made soap solution for insect control on plants:

Ten Easy Ways to Kill a Tree (And How to Avoid Them) H. Christoph Stuhlinger. University System Forest Manager . Trees increase home property values 7 to 21 percent, depending on the number and size of the trees. (City of Portland) •

Laundry detergent, and salt. While these home remedies may be less hazardous than some specially formulated moss control products, there is little information available on their effectiveness and the ingredients are not EPA-registered for killing moss, so there are no label trees

Issued in furtherance of Cooperative Extension Work in Agriculture and Home Economics, Acts of Congress of May 8, 1914, as amended, and June 30, ods, you'll be able to keep the huisache and other shrubs and trees you want and get rid of those you don't. K