Home Remedies For Eye Tics

Mimic seizures; however, altered consciousness is rare with these events. Tics are brief, repetitive movements ingestion, recent immunizations, fever, or other systemic signs of illness. Home therapies for any recent ferent ways, including apnea, subtle eye deviations, or

Home phone _____ Work Phone _____ Cell Phone ___ Tics ___ Tremors ___ Death of someone close ___ Job stress ___ Recent divorce Make checks payable to Acupuncture Remedies, P.C.. Full payment is expected at the time

Eye disorders Ear disorders, including hearing loss Imbalance Immune dysfunction Motor tics (involuntary muscle twitches) Muscle weakness Organ dysfunction (pancreas These formulas (or single remedies) can safely chelate heavy metal toxicity and take it out of your

Visual problems: blindness, “lazy eye Please list any alternative therapies, home remedies, dietary supplement: For girls: Tics or repeated movements Weight loss Rapid weight gain Trouble with appetite Unexplained fevers

(include over the counter, oral contraceptives, home remedies, vitamins, retinal disease, cataracts, eye infections or eye injury: _____ Family History Please note any family history Eye Pain or Soreness

Auburn Eye Care Associates 04-14-2009 MEDICAL HISTORY QUESTIONAIRE over the counter medications, and home remedies eye infections, or eye injury: _____ Do you wear glasses? Yes No

Counter medications and home remedies) or provide written list List all Eye Diseases/injuries/surgeries (including infections, foreign objects in eye, Lasik /cataract surgeries) you have had: Are you pregnant or nursing? NO YES Do you

Birthdate _____/_____/_____ SS # Last Eye Exam _____/_____/_____ Medical History Do you aspirin, over-the-counter medications, and home remedies) eye infections,

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