Home Remedies For Edema That Actually Work

by Brad Chase

Home remedies for edema provide a way for the sufferer of this condition to relieve the uncomfortable symptoms caused by water retention such as swollen feet. Edema is the name of a condition where water accumulates in body cavities found around the legs, feet, arms, ankles, eyes, lungs, and abdominal area.

Water accumulates because of problems associated with a failure in the body to purge itself of the excess. It is important to understand the common causes of this condition so that you can immediately apply home remedies.

The Causes and Home Remedies

Home remedies for edema address the need to relieve uncomfortable swelling conditions due to this condition and help the body to get rid of water retention. Another goal of these home remedies is to get a person moving so that water does not have a chance to accumulate.

Primary among the remedies for swollen feet is not sitting or standing for lengthy time periods. Circulation is weakened thus the body cannot purge the excess water. The quickest way to get circulation going again is by exercising or just walking which is also a form of exercise.

Some have jobs where they work at computers the entire day or they frequently travel. Both require long periods of sitting which can make conditions for edema. For those working at a table or desk, getting up and walking around every 2 to 3 hours is good for keeping the blood circulating. While you are sitting, raising your feet on a footstool helps as well.

If swelling has started in your feet and ankles, one common procedure among the home remedies for edema is to lie down and raise your legs higher than your heart. You can do this by resting them on a wedge or other firm cushion. The position of the legs above the heart causes gravity to take effect and pull the extra fluid back towards lower center mass of your body.

Another way to reduce swelling is by wearing support stockings which are available at local drug stores or through medical supply outlets. They work by preventing fluid buildup in areas such as the feet and ankles that are subject to gravity. They come in an assortment of lengths and pressure ratings depending on your needs.

Yet another important action to take as part of both preventative and reactive home remedies for edema is making changes in your diet. Two main concerns when it comes to diet are reducing sodium intake and promoting the passing of excess fluid through urine. By choosing foods that are low in sodium such as fresh vegetables, cold-water fish, chicken without the skin, and water-rich fruits, you will do well in keeping sodium levels in check. Processed and fast foods should be avoided altogether because they contain high levels of sodium.

Then there are foods having a diuretic effect that help the body get rid of excess fluid through the urine. These are foods such as asparagus, spinach, onion, beets, and pumpkin. There are others and doing a simple search on diuretic foods will give you further information.

Still another cause of swelling could be related to inflammation. In this event, standard over-the-counter ibuprofen can help to combat this condition.

There are other reasons for swelling and in most cases they are easily dealt with by home remedies for edema. For example, not drinking enough water will cause your body to switch to conservation mode and retain it. You should drink at least 6 glasses of it each day and more if you are in certain climates where dehydration is a threat. Allergies can also cause swelling and by going through a trial and error process you can remove the allergen.

Beyond the Home Remedies

While these home remedies are helpful as a first-aid approach to the condition, you should seek medical care as soon as possible if it is persistent. This is because this condition is oftentimes a symptom of a more serious health problem such as kidney disease, heart failure, liver disease, diabetes, lung ailments, or allergies. Home remedies for edema are only intended to provide quick relief from swelling.

Bio: Brad Chase is the founder of Progressivehealth.com, a website that provides information and herbal remedies to help with your health concerns.