Home Remedies For Cold Sweats

Any home remedies? 2. Second Complaint (be brief) Reason For Your Visit Cold Sweats . Loss of Smell . Loss of Taste . Diarrhea . Feet Cold . Hands Cold . Stomach Upset . Constipation . Loss of Balance . Buzzing in Ear. Is there a family history of: Heart Disease Arthritis Cancer Diabetes Other .

Any home remedies? _____ Names of your medical providers Tension Cold Sweats Irritability Loss of Smell Chest Pains Loss of Taste Dizziness Diarrhea Face Flushed

Adult Health History Form ____ Recent fevers/sweats ____ Unexplained fatigue/weakness ____ Recent chills/cold sweats home remedies, birth control pills, herbs, etc. Medication/Vitamin/Supplement Dose/Strength (e.g., mg/pill) How many times per day

Any home remedies? If female, are you pregnant? Other symptoms: ☐ Headaches ☐ Face Flushed ☐ Light Bothers Eyes ☐ Feet Cold ☐ Tension ☐ Numbness in Toes ☐ Cold Sweats ☐ Buzzing in Ear