Home Remedies For Cleaning Cabinets

Home Recipe Tip with Aroma Therapy Cleaning with essential oils Controlling Kitchen Pests . Even the cleanest of kitchens are susceptible to unwanted visitors. Give bugs the boot with these quick remedies. Ants: Wipe cabinets with a damp sponge and 6 to 8 drops peppermint essential oil.

Or home remedies. • Keep baby’s hair, body, clothes, and bedding clean and dry. • Keep baby away from loud noises and music cabinets. Keep medicines, cleaning supplies, plants out of the reach of children. • Baby can choke on small objects.

Cleaning supplies, pesticides, and other poisonous Certain folk remedies may contain lead. Are the cords for windows, blinds, draperies, Home Safety Checklist Author: Family Home Visiting, Minnesota Department of Health

Healthy Home Handouts Room-by-room indoor air quality checklist Room Potential problems Remedies Who and When Kitchen Unvented gas stove and range Install and use an exhaust fan while cooking. cabinets After installation of cabinets, open windows