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And Colorist, Vol. 7, No. 10, p. 30/179 – 34/183, 1975; Home Methods of Stain Removal, Vivian White, Cornell USE the stronger solution sold in cosmetic departments for bleaching hair. SODIUM PERBORATE – Found in many "All-Fabric" bleaches Floor wax remover (alkalies) – Food coloring

Some commercial stain removal products have been developed that are based on the chemistry these methods Home Methods of Stain Removal. Revised by Judy L. Price, Cornell Cooperative Extension, Floor wax remover (alkalis) Food coloring Red Other colors Flowers (grass)

IN THE HOME + GARAGE SAFER ALTERNATIVES: REDUCING THE RISK Safter Alternatives: Reducing the Risk IT’S ALL ABOUT CHOICES Wax Removal Special Problems Floor Polishers, Furniture Polish, Grill Cleaners Lime and Mineral Deposit Remover, Oven Cleaner

How many different kinds of wax can you think of? There's car wax, floor wax, waxed paper, A variety of ear wax removal remedies are available without prescriptions in most Home remedies safe for ear wax removal include baby or mineral oil applied to