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Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) Bacterial Vaginosis is a mild infection of the vagina caused by a kind of bacteria. The vagina normally contains “good” bacteria and other kinds of “bad” bacteria.

Bacterial vaginosis is a bacterial infection characterized as having an offensive, fishy odor with minimal vaginal inflammation. The discharge is usually abundant in amount, is thin, foamy, gray to white in color, and adheres to the vaginal walls.

Was so embarrassed by that god awful fishy smell and discharge. I wouldn Try these home remedies to relieve the itching associated with BV: use a Rapid Bacterial Vaginosis Relief Report 49

Relief Put an End to the Constant Pain and • Vaginal discharge smells sour or fishy, particularly after intercourse • The color of the discharge It is a wise option to use home remedies, as over-the-counter BV meds may be