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Addresses the dryness associated with eye and eyelid weakness. More Homeopathic Remedies In addition to natural remedies for dry eyes, reverses this cycle with its home-opathic products that encourage the eye to increase its own natu-ral production of tears.

Fortunately, there are several remedies. Dryness is common in contact lens wearers and non-wearers alike. (If you don't wear contacts, you can read about dryness-relieving strategies in our article on dry eye syndrome.) Thankfully, if you suffer from dry eye symptoms such as irritated,

Natural Help for Dry Eye Syndrome eyes as the excessive dryness works to over stimulate production of the watery component of your eye's tears.

You take (including oral contraceptives, aspirin, OTC medications and home remedies): Dryness . Eye Injury Redness Sandy/Gritty Feeling Itching Burning Foreign Body Feeling Glare/Light Sensitive Eye Pain/Soreness Chronic