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Oily or dry hair also dictates what type Home remedies might be your best bet for having a more manageable Rinse your hair and scalp really well, using plenty of lukewarm (never hot!) water to get out every trace of shampoo and conditioner.

Be very effective and often need to be applied to dry hair, as wet hair can dilute the chemicals. HOME REMEDIES: hair with thick or oily substances such as petroleum jelly,

CT DCF Ethnic Hair and Skin Care Manual January 2008 Page 9 Hair Product Ingredients to Watch Out for: Many of the commercially available hair care products use potentially harmful

A human being has different types of hair such as oily, dry and normal hair. What are some home remedies for dry skin in the winter? (11 Feb 2009) Hair Care & Hair Finally check the hair lines and make sure that the dirt and shampoo has been removed from hair and scalp. Dry the hair