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Using home remedies or over-the-counter medication. Often, such treatment is efficacious and the lesion resolves as intended. can initiate drainage of the lesion by creating an effective drainage channel7. Bacitracin or erythromycin antibiotic ointment, applied four

drainage of the ear canal are difficult. In many cases, Schuessler Tissue Salts are appropriate for home first-aid use too. Kali sulph., There are modern imitations of these old remedies, but few . Ear Infection – Otitis Externa – Canker

Page 2/2. Dog Health. Home remedies for excessive tearing. Remember, excessive tearing can be due to a serious underlying eye problem. So before you attempt any

Problems around your home, it is impor-tant to be able to identify snakes as ven-omous (poisonous) interfere with drainage. Chemical Controls No fumigants or toxicants are federally registered for Various home remedies have been suggested for repelling snakes,

Drainage 5.1 Problems caused by poor drainage Removing stormwater and household wastewater (sometimes called Sullage may be disposed of either at home, using on-site methods, or through the drainage system. When sullage is disposed of at home a soak-

DECEMBER 2005 I JLC I 1 Foolproof Cure for Wet Basements W hile listening to a home-improvement call-in show on the radio the other day, I was struck

♦ Drainage around your home during the first few years of landscape ♦ Who do I contact ? Lot Grading and Drainage This brochure has been prepared to pro-vide information for homebuilders and new homeowners, with respect to lot

A Brief Guide to Grading and Drainage Issues And How to Reduce Moisture in Basements By Fred Comb Home Inspections of Minnesota www.homeinspectionsofmn.com

INTRODUCTION Drainage and flooding problems in and around your home can be a costly and damaging nuisance. While you are developing your lot or landscaping your yard,