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1 Vaginal Infection A vaginal infection, also called vaginitis, is the irritation of the vagina that causes changes in vaginal discharge, itching, odor and other signs.

Vaginal Discharge . Fact Sheet . SOURCES: National Institutes of Health . Vaginal discharge Cleveland Clinic H Vaginitis Vaginal discharge o Green or yellow discharge. o Strong odor. o Itching or pain around the vagina. o Pain in the pelvic (lower belly) area .

Wet prep zKOH with whiff test zNormal saline zhttp://depts.washington.edu/nnptc/online_training/wet_pr eps.html (Tutorial) Thin, slightly yellow-green discharge Often malodorous, fishy odor

Normal discharge has a mild odor and should be clear, white or yellow. When it dries, it may leave a yellowish color on Do not rely on home remedies. These remedies or douches may appear to get rid of the problem, but may only hide it.