Home Remedies Discharge After Period

Your vaginal discharge will smell different during your monthly cycle. This is normal. If you have an odor that does not go away after washing, check with your doctor or nurse. Do not use home remedies. Home remedies only hide the problem.

Symptoms of what is commonly called “discharge” in macrobiotics. Some symptoms can be helped with various macrobiotic home remedies. For this, please consult with an experienced macrobiotic counselor. the body that have developed over a longer period of time.

Vaginal discharge. You should know that even healthy, clean vaginas may have a mild odor. It’s a myth that douching after sex canpreventSTIs.Theonlysurewayto preventSTIsistonothavesex.Ifyou do have sex, the best way to prevent .

Yes No Is your period more than 1 week late Yes No. Yes No Review home remedies such as heating pad, warm bath, Yes No Rx Given _____ Discharge Instructions Given Yes No . Return to Class . Yes No Adult . Parent Notified (Time)