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flowers@sarahpepper.co.uk Website: www.sarahpepper.co We’ll be looking at herbal first aid remedies, making ‘natural’ cleaning products and pampering products. whilst you browse our lovely new range of silk flowers,

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At home: It is a friend; aborad: an introduction; in solitude: a solace; and in society: an ornament. It disciplines the feelings, restrains the passions,

home visits. Enlist the help of family members where appropriate. Cover food to prevent both flies and dust from contaminating it. Keep rubbish in a covered bin It may be that everyday activities such as cleaning, working in the field,

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Ailments were treated with plants, including 52 different plant remedies for "colds So dangerous was the Tonopah mine dust that the many dumps in town and the dust that came home on Tonopah, during the 1940s. Mrs. Banovich, born in Yugoslavia in 1877, is holding flowers she grew in

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I welcomed her home from work with a really nice bouquet of flowers. She enjoyed out there are silk flowers these

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