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It shall also be unlawful for any owner of a motor vehicle to acquiesce in or permit his car to be used by another in any motor vehicle race or contest for speed on any public road, street or highway in this State. HISTORY: 1962 Code Section 46357; 1957 (50) 133.

"Motor home" means a motor vehicle designed, The county treasurer shall issue one (1) set of special license plates for either a passenger car, truck or motor home owned or leased by a former prisoner of war in accordance with this section for the year 1988 and thereafter. (b)

SUBMISSION OF PROPOSALS. Topics. The Army participates in one solicitation each year with a two-tiered Phase I and Phase II proposal evaluation and selection process.

Farm Home, noncommercial 88110200 Domestic services 88110201 Babysitting, private household Rest room cleaning service 73420103 Washroom sanitation service (industrial locations) 73420200 Pilot car escort service 73899938 Plant care service 73899939 Press clipping service