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For acute otitis media today? • There can be no underlying chronic diseases or Take-home message Acute Otitis Media 154 The Canadian Journal of CME / October 2003 CME When adults cry due to ear pain, they will almost certainly

Narrow-minded at home (as if their image will collapse . chronic otitis media and serous otitis (liquid behind ear . drum) Sankaran, The Soul of Remedies. Farrington, Homeopathy (RW) Boger, Synoptic. Cowperthwaite, Textbook (RW)

– Chronic otitis media with effusion Disease symptoms vs. Patient Combination Remedies • Useful in acute illness especially when Homeopathic Medicine at Home. Maesimund

Rhinitis, Common Cold, Otitis Media, Nasopharyngitis, Epiglottitis, Pharyngitis, Laryngitis, Tonsilitis, Tracheitis and so on and so forth. several home remedies for Upper Respiratory Infection natural treatment are also beneficial in healing the Chronic . otitis. media & mastoiditis.

Tubotympanic, chronic otitis media 13. identification of postnatal neonatal health problems and home remedies used and hearing impaired children 3 comparison of percentage of hearing impairment with scores of hearing handicap for adults and self assessment of communication

40% of adults use CAM Most adults do not discuss their use of CAM studies of CAM University of Arizona Fellowship in Integrative Medicine Research projects Abdominal pain Otitis media Cerebral palsy Boston Children’s self-help groups, folk remedies, energy healing, and

Otitis media with effusion (OME): Chronic OME may require a tympanostomy tube in order to decrease the risk of language delay and hearing loss. Obese children ( Obese adults; risk increases with age, degree of obesity, family hx.

Other Otitis Remedies. Chamomilla – sensitive to music (Puls) – pain throbbing, stiching, * impaired hearing following otitis media. Silica – flint – chronic otitis – very deep and long lasting – must wait to repeat dosage Add rept Resp wheezing audible adults kali bic, child kali sulph.

Based on the prevalence of self-reported chronic heartburn. 2 A current definition of Recurrent otitis media Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis nually in adults in the United States nearly tripled by 1999 (to more than 30,000 cases)