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Discarded Christmas trees, are very useful for this purpose. Every effort has been made to provide correct, complete, and up-to-date pest management information **HOME REMEDIES: These remedies are not endorsements by Cornell University of any product or

Various home remedies and scare tactics such as bleach, mothballs, castor oil, noisemakers, etc. have not proven to be effective at all for mole management. (UC) Pines, especially those used for Christmas trees,

Repellent Handbook Minnesota Department of Natural Resources Christmas trees Plantskydd Forestry Suppliers, Inc. (also repels rabbits & elk) Testing of various home remedies commonly believed to repel snakes was

Forestry Note: 2006 Why Do My Trees Have Yellow Leaves? George L. Geissler, CF Staff Forester The leaves of most trees should be green, but sometimes in the Great Plains, tree leaves turn from green to yellow.