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REMOVING STAINS AT HOME Many stains may be removed from clothing and household furnishings, increasing their quality and prolonging their useful life.

First Aid Treatment of Pesticide Poisoning Symptoms and Signs – General Symptoms and Signs – Organophosphorous Poisoning HAIR AND EYES by using large quantities of water. Pay particular attention to the washing of the eyes,

Using commercial products or home remedies. General Background household chlorine bleach also can be used to remove skunk If a faint odor of skunk persists in the home after a few deodorizing treatments, check the furnace/air

CHLORINE; UN 1017; Cl2; MAT04600; RTECS FO2100000 CHEMICAL FAMILY: halogens, gas CREATION DATE: Jan 24 1989 EYE CONTACT: Immediately flush eyes with plenty of water for at least 15 minutes. Then get immediate medical attention. INGESTION: