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Chinese Health values and beliefs Health is the result African Americans Health values and beliefs Illness is a collective event Illness disrupts the entire family clean environment Self-care and folk medicine may be used May use home remedies first before seeking medical

Chinese medicine treats “Mouth ulcer” By Rona Wang and edited by Jo Pert Mouth ulcers can occur at any age. Young adults, the elderly and females appear to be more

Cultural Considerations in Palliative and End of Life Care Lori Hedges, What aspects of Chinese-American culture are displayed in this scenario? Use home remedies to treat symptoms Discuss issues with spouse or the oldest family member;

Signs of Vitamin Deficiency in Children Vitamins are more than just little pills to pop: they are the building blocks and support systems of our Chinese Americans were the leading Asian Group (not including Taiwanese Americans), following by Filipinos (2.4 million)