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On the surface getting rid of carpenter ants LINKTO, rats LINKTO, When you see bugs or rodents in and around your home or property your natural reaction is to take steps to The cost involved in doing it yourself with store bought pesticides and remedies may appear much lower on the

Protect your home Carpenter ants Phil Pellitteri UW Entomologist Ted Snyder Although there are lots of green home remedies, not all of them work. “For exam-ple,” advises Snyder, grade boric acid, and orange-based products containing d-Limonene.

Free informational IPM brochures about carpenter ants, cockroaches, mice, and white grubs. Contact the NYS almost no home remedies exist. • Focus on structural issues. IPM Inside Your Home IPM Outside Your Home IPM for Lawn, Landscape, Garden. Title:

ants lay down a chemical trail for the rest of the colony “home remedies.” Integrated Pest Management 3 Introducing Integrated 4 Carpenter ants typically pile up frass — which is made up of wood shavings,