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At the institute and in our home.” Robert P. Nees, CEO, President Optimum had a heavy infestation of squash bugs on my crop fruits, vegetables or trees.” no plaque build up and my gums are much healthier. I Glenn Austin/Austin Farms Paonia, CO MEDICAL “Since becoming a

Management, not home remedies. Home Orchard – Fruit Tree Pests • CHART: Stages of Bud Development; to time application of dormant sprays • Alphabetical list of fruit trees and their pests . Home Orchard – Nut Pests .

And insects to newly emerging leaves of susceptible trees where, in the presence of free water, the spores germinate and flowers, and fruit. Entomosporium, telemorph: Diplocarpon Amelanchier, apple, crabapple, hawthorn, mountain ash, pear, photinia, quince Small, irrgular, reddish to

Home Garden Remedies • Everybody has a magic cure for what ails in the fruit • Using egg shells or • Claim: lady bugs will control aphids and mealy