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Even you are obsessed with dental care practicing oral hygiene i.e tongue and teeth brushing twice a day,flossing, Banish Tonsil Stones suggests lot of natural home remedies. Scams are only out to make a quick buck from people,

Use of Indigenous and Other Remedies in Homeopathy as Home Remedies Golden Tips by Master Buck, Henry The Outline of Biochemic Medicines, Objective Type Symptoms, Important Questions, Therapeutic Index, Height & Weight Table, Teeth Eruption Table, Normal Laboratory Values, Common Names

Do while brushing your teeth; Remedies for Anxiety For those who say I can’t afford Organic Food, you bargain shoppers are getting more for your buck with non-organically grown fruits and vegetables,

So she was forced to rely upon home remedies for illness such as sticky-gum salve, Rows of metal teeth combed the grain. He believed that his children should do an assigned task fully and not ‘pass the buck’ to anyone else.”