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List all medications you take (including contraceptives, hormones, regular aspirin use, over-the-counter meds, home remedies) List any MAJOR injuries, surgeries, or hospitalizations: Stroke _____ (OVER) Welcome to our office! Medical History Stroke Brain injury/tumor

MEDICINE – HOME REMEDIES Author Unknown (From Emails) VIPUL M DESAI stroke. 7) Dates also help in lowering of the LDL cholesterol. 8) Can boost brain power. 3. Relieves menstrual cratfiþ 4.

For the association between hemorrhagic stroke and PPA use in cough-cold remedies within the three-day exposure window, the adjusted 120 had a history of stroke, 48 had a known brain tumor or Etter HS, Reeves DM. Stroke and Phenylpropanolamine use. Lancet. 1983:970. 7

Brain Health As You Age: Educator Guide Alcohol and over -the-counter cough and cold remedies together can cause for a variety of conditions and diseases related to brain health, including stroke, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, and depression, at .