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COMMON BILE DUCT EXPLORATION patients can generally be discharged home from the recovery room 6 to 12 hours after surgery,provided that the operation went smoothly,their vital signs are stable,they are able to void,they can

Injury to the bile duct could lead to leakage of the You may go home the same day or in a few days, depending on which procedure you Cholecystectomy – Open and Laparoscopic, gallbladder, cystic duct, stones, bile duct

Enzymes out of the pancreas. Sometimes gallstones passing through the common bile duct provoke inlammation in the pancreas—called gallstone pancreatitis—

duct along the common bile duct and through to the part of the part of the small Help for Gallbladder Diseases In cases where the gallbladder is inflamed, At Native Remedies, we recognize the vital importance of liver health