Home Remedies Bile Duct Obstruction

Home meds: Finasteride, metformin, omeprazole, Resection of the bile duct required for a complete resection in cases with a positive cystic duct stump common duct obstruction, cholangitis, or recurrent pancreatitis. Dyspepsia is not an indication for surgery. www.downstatesurgery.org.

Gallbladder Surgery . FREQUENT LY ASKE D QUESTIONS . What is a gallbladder for? Think of the gallbladder as a liquid soap dispenser that helps sign of bile tube obstruction to the liver. over. Gallbladder Surgery . FREQUENT LY ASKED QUESTIONS (cont .)

‘open cholecystectomy.’ The other method is done with scopes and the bile duct. The intestines and stomach could be perforated. You may go home the same day or in a few days, depending on which procedure you had

home the same day or the day following surgery and, that form in the gallbladder or in the bile duct. These drastically cutting down on fat intake. However, when severe obstruction of the gallbladder results, removal is the only option.