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A tube—called the common bile duct—that carries it to the small intestine, where it few days at home. Because the abdominal muscles are not cut during laparoscopic • Gallstones form when bile hard-ens in the gallbladder. • Gallstones are more common

BILE DUCT (CHOLANGIOCARCINOMA) AND GALLBLADDER CANCER Some forms of cholangiocarcinoma arise from the bile ducts outside of the liver, Blockage of the bile ducts results in jaundice, which manifests as yellow discoloration of

Bile Leak after Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy Sybile Val MD Long Island College Hospital September 22, 2006

Pathophysiology of Gallstone Formation and Pancreatitis Robert F. Schwabe rfs2102@columbia.edu S.N.S Pancreatic secretions and bile are required for digestion • Bile: Emulsification of fat Blockage of Secretion 2. Activation of Zymogens in Lysosymes