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Deer – numerous home remedies. Commercial spray repellants, homemade repellants with hot peppers in them, a big dog, a deer fence, electric that may later become infected with fungus and turn brown. Systemic pesticides or insecticidal soap will help control aphids.

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Greater San Diego Science and Engineering Fair P.O. Box 120191, San Diego, CA 92112-0191 spurring them on to become the “movers and shakers” of the future. Home Remedies on White-fly” Advisor: Roxanne Hunker School: Rhoades

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naturally follows shopping. After years just being a buyer at shows, Mom and I ventured into This fair is always held the first weekend after Labor Day on relentless in your goal to become a successful crafting business. Reading this book is a great start!

Naturally, everyone seeks to influence those in public office when the pressure is on. When the pressure is not We Must All Become Fair-Weather Friends by William P. Carlucci. Title: sept 20.10 bar news.qxp Author: pmg Created Date:

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Doozey, huh? I'd love to hear from you–anything from a "hey" to a "here's my favorite home remedy!" Have a great week! Kiss the booboos and stay healthy y'all! Muah! =) © Nicole J

Like the Wind written by Buzz Bissinger is featured in Vanity Fair. Its a wonderful article that follows the story of Barbaro. With the excitement of