Home Care Following Laser Eye Surgery

As we get older the risk increases of developing aging diseases related to our eyes. They may require surgery, and laser eye surgery is one of the most common methods used nowadays to deal with aging diseases of the eye that require surgery.

You may also simply want laser surgery to restore your 20/20 vision that you enjoyed when you were younger.

A laser eye procedure doesn’t take very long to perform. The doctor will give you a list of instructions to follow to the letter to avoid any post-operative complications.

There have been more successful outcomes with laser eye surgery than unsuccessful. People are reporting 20/20 vision soon after the procedure has been completed.

In many cases the difference between a great outcome and a satisfactory one is the type of care that was taken at home after the surgery.

Home Care:

The doctor will come and discuss how your surgery went. If there was any problem, it will be addressed here. He will tell you when he wants to see you back in his office and what he expects from you at that time as far as vision outcomes are concerned.

Also, you will receive a list of post-operative instructions. These are things that the doctor wants you to do in order to maintain your success after surgery.

Read over them in the presence of the doctor or his nurse. If you have any questions, ask then before you leave the facility.

To protect your eye, the doctor will more than likely cover it with an eye shield or a patch. This prevents you from trying to see with the eye before it is ready.

The shield also keeps dust particles and other irritants out of your eye. One thing that you must not do is rub your eye. This can disrupt the wound and affect your outcome.

Another measure to avoid infection is to use drops. Some may be antibiotic to keep the eye healthy and free of infections while it heals. Others may be anesthetizing drops in case of any discomfort from the procedure.

Your list of instructions will also include a DON’T list. These are activities that you are forbidden to engage in for a certain amount of time until your eye heals.

One is going to be sports. Any activity where you are prone to get hit in the face is a no-no. Women will not be allowed to apply any make-up around the eye area, and contact with water such as swimming will not be recommended.

Report any complications that are not listed as possible outcomes to your doctor. For some, dry eye may be a problem and the doctor may prescribe lubricating drops as a preventative measure. Use them to soothe the eye instead of rubbing.

Enlist the aid of your family members to help you comply with the orders. If you are squinty, you may need another person to give you your eye drops.

Following the post-operative instructions is important to a successful outcome for laser eye surgery. Don’t leave anything out. If you do notice discomfort, contact your doctor immediately.

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