High Fiber Foods like Apples are High in Fiber and Low in Calories

Apples — One of the naturally high fiber foods!

Eating a fresh apple began fast food consumption. But apples also make cool juice, tasty cider,
one great pie, and very tempting side dishes.

Anyway you eat them, apples deliver nutrition

Fiber: 4.4 grams in one medium-sized fruit
Calories: only 95
Other Nutrients: Take a look

An apple may not be the fruit highest in vitamin C (8.4 mg) or potassium (195 mg), but the combination of vitamins and minerals in an apple (along with the dietary fiber) has long been recognized as extremely healthful.

“Eat an apple on going to bed, and you’ll keep the doctor from earning his bread.”
1866 Pembrokeshire, Wales

And…the antioxidants in apples may also

  • help lower your risk of heart disease,
  • help you lose weight, and
  • help control your blood cholesterol.

How to Select

In North America, several varieties of apples remain on grocers shelves year around.

Medium Sized Apples:

3 ≈ 1 pound
1 sliced ≈ 1 cup

  • Look for fruit that is firm and shows a natural and deep color.
  • Leave those apples with soft spots or broken skin.
  • Choose fruit that looks and smells fresh(avoid fruit sprayed with pesticide or waxed).

Though available throughout the year, apples may be more abundant and cheaper in the autumn.

Which to Choose

Hundreds of varieties of apples grow in North America.

The sweeter and crisper apple varieties make excellent, healthy snacks. Children and adults both enjoy the sweet juicy treat of a fresh apple.

The more tart varieties are often used to make applesauce, a pie, apple dumplings, or some other baked apple delight.

But when it comes to apples, you do not have to follow any rules. All apples add healthy nutrition to your diet. Use any kind of apple you like, any way you wish.

Red Delicious Firm and crisp
Golden Delicious Sweet but less firm than Red
Gala Crisp and sweet
Fuji Juicy and sweet
McIntosh A little tart
Granny Smith Tart and crisp
Cortland Tart and slices discolor slowly
Pippin Firm and tart
Gravenstein Green all-purpose fruit, good cooked
Winesap Tart and keeps well