Herbal Remedies For The Common Cold

by Dorothy “Dotty” Dutton
(Chicago, USA)

Probably the most common use of herbal remedies is for treating the common cold.

As everyone knows a cold is no fun to have as it leaves you feeling achy, tired, congested, and not feeling much like eating, working, or playing.

In addition, the common cold can leave you with a stuffy nose and congestion which makes breathing difficult which leaves you finding it hard to get the rest you need in order to feel better.

There are a number of herbal remedies that can help to break up that congestion, relieve your cough when your need to rest and help you to sleep and feel better fast. Many of the herbal remedies for colds come in the form of teas or soups, but there is also steam remedies and herbal remedies you can apply directly to your chest as well for helping to relieve the congestion and other cold symptoms that leave you feeling drugged out and tired.

Using Eucalyptus to oil to help break up congestion often results in those suffering from colds feeling better more quickly. Eucalyptus oil can be place in a bowl of steaming water and breathed in to help break up that congestion in your chest and nose or it can be mixed with a little mint and olive oil and put directly on your chest to break up that congestion in your lungs.

Adding ginger and Turmeric to soups or teas can also help to break up congestion and allow you to breathe easier. Both of these spices may also reduce inflammation in your bronchial tract leaving you breathing easier and more able to cough up the mucus that you are breaking up.

While coughing is necessary to get rid of the mucus in your lungs and chest, there are times when that cough can prevent you from getting the necessary sleep you need for your body to recover from that cold. In such cases try taking a teaspoon of honey of lemon to help ease your cough and let you get some much needed rest.

Using a humidifier with a little eucalyptus and peppermint oil in it while sleeping can help keep your breathing passages clear and allow for better breathing while you rest.

There are a number of other herbal remedies that prove to be quite effective in helping fight the common cold. Red peppers mixed with honey or added to that chicken soup will make you sweat and help to break up congestion while helping to break up your fever. Make sure you include plenty of juices of water with your herbal remedies as people suffering from colds tend to get dehydrated which makes breaking up the mucus more difficult and disturbing your electrolytes.