Healthcare reform & practitioners: how will ‘ObamaCare’ affect the wide spectrum of healthcare practitioners?

So, now that the Obama Administration’s healthcare reform bill

has passed, how will it affect holistic healthcare practitioners? And

what impact will it have on nutraceutical and natural products companies

focused on the practitioner channel?


The short answer: Nobody really knows.

I mean, we all know ObamaCare’s going to kill everyone’s

grandma, turn America into an unholy fusion of Maoist China and France

(minus the good croissants), make eating steak a punishable crime, and

oblige us to recite verses from the Qu’ran before we get in to see

a doctor. But beyond that … who knows?

Seriously, the Affordable Care Act (ACA ACA – Application Control Architecture ) of 2010–like the Bush

administration’s Patriot Act nearly a decade ago–is a complex,

gigantic bill. Very few people have actually read its thousands of pages

of wonkobabble and economese. I certainly have not. Haven’t even

read, the “… for Dummies” version.

But over the last few months, I’ve spoken with several really

smart people who have studied the ACA in depth. And from what I’m

hearing, the reform plan is philosophically friendly toward preventive

and holistic medicine holistic medicine,