Hay Fever Victims: Ten Best Natural Remedies and Treatments

With the coming of spring usually marks for many, the coming of hay fever season.

It’s nice that a long winter of cold weather has passed. However, instead of cold weather, many people encounter frequent sneezing, runny noses and itchy eyes. Many people stock up on packages of Kleenex and run to the pharmacy to grab antihistamine tablets.


Sometimes even antihistamine tablets aren’t enough, and as hay fever symptoms start to increase, any help we can get is appreciated. Here is a listing of the ten best natural hay fever remedies.

Onions: People often go the pharmacy to get antihistamine tablets. Did you know that antihistamine could be naturally found in food? Quercetin is a natural antihistamine found in fruits and vegetables, but is highly concentrated in onions. To get the most Quercetin as possible, remove as few as possible of the outer layer when preparing it.

Kissing: A recent study was done in Japan where participants were in a 30-minute kissing session. What resulted was the body became more relaxed and the body responded less to pollen.

Exercise: Recent studies have shown that people who exercised more than five half-hour sessions a week experienced milder hay fever symptoms.

Block Your Nose: A lot of hay fever symptoms stem from a pollen reaction. Try putting a little Vaseline in your nose, and the pollen will actually get caught in the Vaseline.

Eat Honey: There are many long time hay fever sufferers that claim that taking local honey everyday helps. It’s often recommended that taking a small quantity like one and a half teaspoons is the most helpful. Others insist it should be taken year round in preparation for hay season.

Using Light: A recent study was done at the University of Szegod in Hungary. They shined ultraviolet light and visible light into the nasal cavities of people, and found that it helped reduce some of the itchiness. One helpful device is called a Medinose, which has probes that shine red lights into the nasal cavity.

Nettle Tea: One other recommendation is taking honey mixed with nettle tea. It might not taste very good, but it may reduce the mucus.

Cucumber Slices: Part natural hay fever treatment, part spa treatment, one option is to place cucumber slices on one’s eyes. It can neutralize pollen and wash out the eyes, helping to reduce itchiness.

Staying Cool: Sometimes being some place cool can help reduce hay fever symptoms. A suggestion is to find the coolest place in your house, or if you’re driving, using the air conditioning in your car.

Spicy Foods: For those that like spicy foods, eating more peppers and strong spices may provide natural hay fever relief. When your nose starts to run from all the spiciness, a lot of the pollen can be flushed out.


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