Gallstones Symptoms, Natural Treatment and Remedies

Gallstones are the stones which occur and form in the gall (bile). Initially people having gallstones are not aware of their problem as they don’t face with any problem or symptoms. Majority of people in the initial stages are unaware of their gallstones as the gallstones are “silent”. But when they undergo any type of tests due to some other reasons like x-ray, ultrasound, examination of abdomen then they become aware of their problem of gall stones. They show symptoms but in the later stage like about five years. But once the problem shows the symptoms then it continue and gradually become worsen. Some of the symptoms which may appear in the later stage are intolerance to fatty foods, passing gas, belching and discomfort after eating or abdominal bloating. Once the symptoms start to occur then the patient has to suffer from these problems regularly because bile ducts are obstructed by the gall stones.

A pain which is known as ‘Biliary colic’ is the most common symptom of gall stones. It is a very specific type of pain and from this pain 80% of the people usually suffer who are having the gallstones. Biliary colic is a constant pain though its intensity varies during its presence. It may lasts for 15 minutes and even go for 4-5 hours. This pain is accompanied often by nausea. Usually people feel this pain in the middle of the upper abdomen and the right upper abdomen which is just below the margin of the ribs.

Natural Remedies for Gallstones
Take a glass or cup with 20 ml daily of olive oil and add juice of half lemon in it. Add raw garlic after slicing it in the olive oil and lemon juice. Take this mixture daily to get rid from the problem of gallstones. It is an effective natural remedy for the gall stones.
Turmeric is very effective in the treatment of gallstones. It has been used by the traditional Ayurvedic medicines to treat different problem including gall stones. Turmeric is having a principle chemical known as Curcumin. It is having the property to give flavor, color to this herb and is having powerful medicinal properties. People suffering from gallstones must consume a large amount of turmeric by simply eating in their foods. There are some herbal supplements also which contain 98% concentrations of curcumin.
Sometimes gallstones become very painful and serious. In this case it should not be self treated or self diagnosed. You must first consult your physician before applying any natural remedy.