From Head to Toe….Mastering the Art of Becoming Beautiful!

by Jayne Holden
(Rawlins, Wyoming, USA)

In today’s world where image is everything, you cannot afford not to look good when going out on dates, being interviewed for jobs or meeting important clients!.

With all the products which are available for you to use, there is actually no reason for you to not look your best. The key is to know exactly what your skin needs in order for it to be smooth, supple, clear and healthy!.

But why is the focus on your skin? This is the largest organ in your body and the skin on your face is the first thing that makes an impression on people. By taking care of it properly, you can manage to achieve that inner glow no matter what your face structure is like.

Head to Toe Care Tips

In order for you to become beautiful from head to toe, here are a few care tips that you can follow:

• Your Hair

If you have oily hair, there’s no need for you to wash it daily. Twice or thrice a week should be good enough. Use shampoo and conditionerwhich is suited to the hair texture that you have. Make sure that the hairstyle that you’re sporting frames your face beautifully, so that your best features can be brought out.

• Your Eyes

To resolve problems like having dark circles around your eyes, use rosewater or place a slice of cucumber over them for a few minutes. These will help lighten and cool the extra-sensitive skin under your eyes.

• The Skin On Your Face

The skin on your face is more sensitive than the rest of your body. Make sure to have a regular beauty regimen to keep your facial skin clear, fresh-looking and without acne or blackheads. Once a week, apply rehydrating or moisturizing masks if you have dry skin.

If you have prominent pores, look for a pore minimizing mask. Also, don’t forget to use products with SPF on your face so that you can protect your skin from the harsh rays of the sun.

• The Skin On The Rest Of Your Body

The skin on the rest of your body should be soft and smooth, so exfoliate regularly. Then, apply a soothing lotion which also moisturizes your skin to keep its texture smooth to the touch.

• Your Feet

If you want to have baby soft feet, apply a generous amount of petroleum jelly or moisturizing lotion to your feet at night. Cover them with socks and wear it overnight, you will wake up with oh-so-soft skin on your feet.

Your health is also something that you should properly care for if you really want to look beautiful. When you have proper diet and exercise, you will naturally exude that healthy inner glow, which is more than what any beauty product in the market can provide.

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