Fish Oil for Cardiovascular Health | The Dangers of a Heart Attack

You get that burning pain at the center of your chest that makes you feel like you’ve just consumed a whole liter of acid. You dismiss this as heartburn when you actually are already going through a heart attack.

So when do you know that it’s time to call the doctor? There are signs of a possible attack, and you just have to know what these are.

You need to spot the difference between this debilitating condition and heartburn or acid reflux. When you are able to decode the signals, you increase your chances of surviving.

So, when the pain starts, you’ll feel shortness of breath. There’s a tight pain in your chest that radiates outwards. Heartburn won’t reach further than your chest area and won’t last very long.

If the pain doesn’t subside in 10 minutes or so, call 911 right this very minute. If you can’t even find the strength to move, ask the person nearest you, even if he is a stranger. Fact is, heart attacks happen every time.

A growing number of the older population experiences this very problem. Protect your heart by making sure you take foods that reduce the cholesterol buildup in your arteries. Just know that half of deaths occur within four hours of the first signs.

When in doubt, just call an ambulance. This is your life at stake here, and even if it isn’t an attack, you can never lose from playing safe.

If you know that it’s definitely a heart attack, down a soluble aspirin. Keep one near you at all times when you know that heart attacks are a high possibility with you. This gets your system twice as fast as a pill and thins your blood.

By doing this, you are potentially dislodging the blockage that has caused the attack. But more than knowing what to do in case this scenario happens to you, you really need to consider a lifestyle change as early as possible.

Being scared about what could happen is no way to live. You will thank yourself in the end when you know that you can go anywhere you want and be sure that you go home alive.

With the right kind of diet and regular exercise, not only are you able to stave off a number of diseases, but you will also feel years younger than you actually are. People with low fitness levels are the ones most at risk of an attack.

This even goes ahead of smoking, age, and weight. So, it’s time to work up a sweat and consume a lot of high-fiber foods, especially for breakfast. Work on your muscle and bone strength so that you will be up for the activities you love.

When you let go of your weight, it is harder to stay active. You will be just as agile as you once were when you stay vigilant about your daily activities. Age is just number. What matters most is what you do with your body on a daily basis.

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