First Time Getting a Bikini Wax?….Important Facts to Know!

by Colleen McArthur
(Boston, Mass, USA)

Did you know that waxing the pubic area is something that women did since the time of Cleopatra? The bikini wax solutions and services which are so plentiful nowadays have actually been around for ages!.

If it’s your first time to visit a waxing salon, you cannot simply get in and ask for a bikini wax. There are different kinds of waxing services which are available, depending on how you’d like to look down there.

Quick Facts about Bikini Waxing for First Timers 

To give you an idea, here are a few quick facts about bikini waxing that you need to remember if it is your first time to take advantage of such service:

• Don’t go all-out if you’re a first timer, regular waxing is a much better option.
Since it is your first time to get professional grooming in your pubic area, you may want to opt for the ‘gentler’ variety of getting a regular wax. This involves removing very little hair and is suitable if you simply want to get rid of embarrassing stray hairs when wearing a swimsuit in public.

• Getting a full bikini wax.
A full bikini wax is similar to a regular wax. It removes the excess hair from around your bikini line. However, it does have the additional removal of a quite thick strip of hair off the top, so you are left with a small triangle of pubic hair. This is a neat wax to maintain if you’re not ready to go commando just yet.

• A French bikini wax makes a big difference down there.
Once you have gotten used to the procedure of getting a bikini wax, you can try the more daring French bikini wax. This involves removing all the hair in front of your vagina, save for a small strip which is known as the landing strip. If you’re fond of wearing daring swimsuits or if you want to look great in high-cut undies, this is a great option.

• The Brazilian is not for the faint of heart!
Finally, there’s the ever-popular Brazilian wax. Just remember that this is not for the faint of heart. It involves taking off all your hair down there, including the ones around your anus. There is a very little area of hair left on top of your vagina. Women who go for Brazilian waxes swear by the freedom that it brings to them. Another version of this is the Hollywood wax, which gets rid of everything so you are left completely bald.

Again, it’s best to go for more modest waxes during your first few sessions. Once you have gotten used to the procedure, that is when you can go for more daring options like the French, Brazilian or Hollywood wax.