Finding Happiness From Within Your Pets!

happiness from petsA lovely way to find personal happiness is from within your pets!. How could you ever be lonely with a lovely loyal dog or a beautiful affectionate cat for company?.

Did you know that just by stroking a cat you can reduce your blood pressure, slow your heart rate, reduce stress and anxiety and it can even help you live longer!. It’s also well known that just stroking a pet can give you a sense of well being!.

Pets are now more and more frequently being introduced into care homes for people with special needs and elderly nursing homes for their therapeutic effects on the patients.

Much research has been done on the therapeutic effects of pets with Autistic children and children with learning difficulties. Pets can help them to express themselves. I’ve watched Autistic children with animals, they seem to be able to communicate with them in a special way, better than they can with other humans.

Pets love to play
Pets help you relax
Pets can be very comical
Pets make you laugh
Pets love to be stroked and pampered
You can tell them your problems
Pets won’t judge you
Pets depend on you
Dogs are so loyal they’ll never leave you
Pets won’t criticize you
Pets can help you live longer
Pets give you their unconditional love
Pets make you smile
Happiness is pets

Animals live totally in the moment – they don’t worry about the future or regret the past!. We can learn a lot from our pets, they can teach us to be in the present moment!.

“I’ve known many Zen Masters…..all of them cats!” – famous quote by Eckhart Tolle

Dogs are extremely loyal creatures, working dogs have been used for many years, trained to perform special skilled tasks especially guide dogs for blind and disabled people.

Owning a dog or cat or any other sort of pet is of course a big responsibility and can be quite costly!.

They are dependent on you for their food – sometimes endlessly eating you out of house and home! Not to mention the vets bills!! ……… but we do love our pets and they are more than worth it! What they give you back in return, hours of entertainment and fun, playtime, laughter and unconditional affection

If you are feeling stressed, there is nothing more comforting than having a furry friend to stroke, It instantly calms you down, makes you relax and helps you get things into perspective. It’s been found that people suffering from depression had much improved moods when dogs and cats were around them.

Sometimes pets can be very naughty!, but it’s hard to stay cross with them for long……….. even after they’ve just shredded your antique rug or chewed up your favorite shoes!……………. or worse!!! ahhhh….. happiness is pets!.