Finding A Long-Term Hemorrhoids Cure!

Chronic hemorrhoids are more often than not an indication that a lifestyle adjustment is overdue!.

A long-term hemorrhoids cure can be as simple as making a few changes in daily practices. Habits and routines that have become ingrained may need to be reevaluated to prevent recurring hemorrhoids and avoid invasive surgery.

Hectic daily life often leads us to find quick and easy meal solutions. Unfortunately, unhealthy choices are all too easy to make without much thought given to nutrition or digestive processes.

A healthy diet rich in fiber strengthens rectal veins and valves in and around the anus. Fiber also acts as a natural stool softer, eliminating the need to strain in order to pass stools.

Fruits and vegetables, as well as grains, cereals, and whole-wheat pastas are excellent sources of natural fiber. Consider using a fiber supplement. Read the ‘Nutrition Facts’ label on food products: men should consume about 35 grams and women at least 22 grams of fiber each day.

Awareness of what one’s diet consists of is key in making the right changes in food choices. Over-processed foods low in fiber and high in carbohydrates lead to dry, hard stools that cause constipation.

Frequent constipation is a common cause of hemorrhoids due to straining and excessive pressure on rectal walls and veins. Paradoxically, recurrent diarrhea also causes hemorrhoids: regular consumption of fatty foods, excess alcohol or caffeine, and some medications create watery stools.

Daily discharge of diarrhea can damage the rectal veins from moving the bowels too frequently. Drink at least six glasses of water per day to promote regularity and healthy bowel movements.

In addition to diet, regular exercise is essential to preventinghemorrhoids. It is unnatural, and therefore unhealthy, for human beings to be sedentary.

A lifestyle of inactivity that commonly accompanies our desk jobs and such conveniences as cars, computers, and televisions creates ideal conditions for hemorrhoids.

Daily exercise that is age and health appropriate aids the natural movement of the digestive system, promotes healthy weight, and relieves anxiety that causes hypertension.

Good toilet practices are imperative to realizing a long-term hemorrhoids cure. Always make time to move your bowels as soon as possible when the urge presents itself. Once the stools pass from the colon to the rectum, they tend to dry and harden.

Take the least amount of time needed to eliminate – don’t use the bathroom as a library. Prompt elimination reduces straining. Wipe cleanly and completely after each bowel movement – moisture and feces consistently left behind are conducive to hemorrhoids. Shower or bathe daily to remove dirt and perspiration.

Self-care and a healthy lifestyle are usually sufficient to attain a long-term hemorrhoids cure. Only in very few cases is surgery necessary for a cure. Hemorrhoids that refuse to go away despite your best efforts should be attended to by a physician.

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