Expectations From Laser Eye Surgery

Why do you have laser eye surgery in the first place?….you want to increase your quality of life. Before the procedure, discuss the expectations that you and your doctor have for the outcome of the surgery.

The one thing that people expect is to see better right away and not need their corrective lenses anymore. This may or may not be true. It actually depends on the individual, their age and any other medical factors which might play a part.

What can you realistically expect from the surgery? For one, your vision will be much improved. Most people see 20/20 after their surgery.

Will you see like that on the first day? That is a toss-up. The doctor will know more after the procedure is done, but you should take it easy and wait a few hours at least before trying those new eyes out on the world.

To protect your vision, you will have to wear eye guards at night so you don’t roll over on your face or rub your eyes. As long as the eye doesn’t bleed and maintains its eye pressure, no sutures are needed in the eye.

That means you won’t have to come back and get them cut out when the eye heals. It can heal without them satisfactorily as long as you follow doctor’s orders.


One expectation you can have is that your vision will steadily improve over time. There may be eye dryness from the procedure that will go away in time. Ask about how the doctor wants to treat your dry eye.

Some patients have a hazy kind of vision or even see rings around their field of view. These are normal and will eventually fade. Driving at night may be hard to do if you have decreased vision or are seeing blurry images.

Refrain from driving until they clear up. Your doctor will give you a timeline so you will know how long you will have to deal with these things.

We talked about risks. Even though the surgery corrects your vision problems, you may still need to wear reading glasses for a while until your vision rights itself. It will more than likely be only for a few weeks, so bear with it.

Knowing all these things up front can make them easier to deal with after the surgery. You will not be faced with unexpected side effects from the procedure.

While the post-operative period may be annoying in some ways especially any irritation of the eyeball, it is bearable and won’t last for long. Compared to the benefit that you get in the long term from the procedure, it is a small price to pay.

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