Exercise for Osteoporosis And Increase Bone Density

Improve your muscle strength, balance and coordination

Exercise for osteoporosis is often referred to as strength training, or weight bearing exercise. Do you need any reasons to exercise other than avoiding osteoporosis?.

The following exercises are all strength training for beginners and seniors depending on your age and how active you are – or not. This isn’t about body building!

exercise for osteoporosis

Exercise for osteoporosis increases muscle strength, coordination, and balance, and decreases the likelihood of falls as we get older.

There’s no mystery to these exercises and if you already workout or go to the gym regularly then it’s likely you have these covered. However, if you are pretty much out of condition, and have a predominantly sedentary lifestyle you have to start somewhere, so these exercises are for you!

Or you can follow the exercise program in ‘Strong Women Stay Young’ which was my inspiration. It’s a scientifically proven method that can reverse bone loss,and increase strength and energy – in just a couple of sessions a week.

The following exercises are demonstrated at Exercises for Osteoporosis videos:-

  • Chair Stand – strengthens your abdominals, thighs and back.
  • Knee Extension – stengthens the quadriceps, the muscles in the front of the thighs.
  • Calf Raises – strengthens the calf muscles, ankles, and improves balance.
  • Hamstring Strengthening Exercises – these are the muscles at the back of your legs used for walking,running, cycling etc.
  • Shoulder Strenghtening Lateral Raise – improves strength and shape of your shoulders.
  • Front Raise Shoulder Strengthening – The front raise targets the front deltoid muscle although and involves the other shoulder areas as well.
  • Bicep Exercises – bicep curls will improve the muscles in the front of your arms, toning them NOT developing bulging muscles!

By regularly doing these exercises you are making a start towards protecting your future bone health.

According to the National Osteoporosis Society If you ‘bank’ enough bone when you are young, you will be in a better position to withstand the natural bone loss we all experience later in life.

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